Welcome to BikeSchool.

BikeSchool provides 5 comprehensive and in-depth progressive mountain bike modules. Let our UCI Level 2 Accredited Coaches guide you to increase your ride control, speed and enjoyment.

BikeSchool was born out of a love of mountain biking, and Dr Scarlett Hagen’s desire to share the tips and tricks she has learnt during 15 years of cycling.  In 2004 Scarlett became the Junior World Champion and placed second in the Elite Downhill World Championships. Well accustomed to standing on the World Cup podium, she is 8-time New Zealand Champion, and Elite Oceania Champion.

Scarlett is one of the most passionate and dedicated mountain bikers you will ever meet. She brings a genuine interest in helping people improve their riding, and loves helping all levels of abilities, using her Sports Science qualifications, and knowledge that no skills coach can match.

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