Mini Tracks

We provide track design, management and oversight for a range of school tracks – 

  • Pump Tracks
  • Painted Tracks
  • Skills Tracks
  • MTB Tracks

We will custom build the perfect mini-track for your school or community space manage the process from design, digitisation, contractors, to the opening ceremony. We have completed more than 20x successful track installs, and have a waiting list of interested schools. It’s important to email as as soon as possible to book your consultation with us so we can get your track organised.

Descriptions of Services:

  • Project management, guidance and preparation.
  • Physical site visits, consultation and correspondence.
  • Facilitate idea-generating meeting for community group.
  • The presentation of ideas for track options.
  • Track design sketches, laser measurements, and layout using GPS to gather height and location data, and clinometer (abney level) for gradient.
  • Digitized track illustrations and/or map production.
  • Liaison and correspondence with construction contractors, materials and machinery providers.
  • Track shaping and structural advice and services.
  • Attend track opening ceremony and provide on-site coaching to cyclists.
  • Produce associated reviews, research and reporting.

These are a low-cost, and an easy transformation for any size space!

For information, email us:

Green Island School – Dunedin
Fairfield Community Group
Silverstream – Mosgiel
Silverstream – Mosgiel